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This is REALLY very interesting and it is indisputably mathematically correct.
This is a very important Precise Timing Relationship. It is arguably the most important. It is very easy to understand. It demonstrates the concept of Precise Timing Relationships better than any other that I have found. It strongly supports my belief that God has, in fact, arranged the timings of some apparitions, and some associated events, in accordance with precise mathematical calculations.

Precise Timings of Some Apparitions

Lourdes - Chambéry - Fatima

Over the years I have noticed that there are some precise timing relationships (not too many) associated with some major apparitions (notably, those of Our Lady). There are a number of specific constructions of these precise timing relationships. Some of them relate to the visionaries rather than the vision events. Here is a good example -

(i) Marie Martha Chambon (the visionary at Chambéry, France) died on - 21-3-1907

(ii) The following day, Lucia Santos (the main visionary at Fatima) was born - 22-3-1907

(iii) Bernadette Soubirous (the visionary at Lourdes) died on - 16-4-1879

(iv) The number of days (both dates inclusive) between 16-4-1879 and 21-3-1907

is 10,201 days *

which can also be expressed as

213 + 22 + 2005

(v) The date of death of Lucia Santos was - 13-2-2005

Note that the period from the date of death of the first to die to the date of death of the second to die gives the date of death of the third to die (i.e. strictly chronological order).

Note also that Lucia’s date of death was another 13th of a month as at Fatima.

Eugene Shannon
Thursday 27th February 2014

* For anybody checking this calculation, note that the year 1900 was not a leap year.


  • These dates and the timing relationship were not decided upon and/or manipulated by Us Humans. They can only be of either Divine or Diabolic origin.
  • Because of the nature of the persons and subjects involved, they can only come from God.
  • They tend to prove the existence of God.
  • They tend to prove that God is the God of the Catholic Church. The events and persons involved are all within the ambit of the Church. All three sequences of apparitions have Church approval.
  • They tend to prove the validity of the apparitions concerned.
  • They tend to prove the acceptability to God of the three persons involved.
  • They tend to prove the validity of such timing relationships, of which there are others.

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This is not the only precise timing relationship relating to apparitions and apparition visionaries but it is one of the most persuasive.

There is another very persuasive precise timing relationship associated with the apparitions at Fatima.  To go to the webpage which deals with that one Click Here.