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Apparitions at Lourdes - 1858

It would not be feasible for me to provide a detailed account of the apparitions of Our Lady which were seen by Bernadette Soubirous at Lourdes, France, in 1858.  There is plenty of material available about the apparitions.

My reason for mentioning the Lourdes apparitions on this Website is to draw attention to the fact that there is a mathematically precise timing relationship between the date of death of the Lourdes visionary (Bernadette Soubirous) and the dates of death of the principal visionary at Fatima (Lucia Santos) and the visionary at Chambéry (Marie Martha Chambon).

This is NOT the only precise timing relationship associated with supernatural apparitions.  I have found a number of others which are equally mathematically precise.  The ones that I have found to date are all associated with apparitions of Our Lady.  I find it hard to imagine that these precise timing relationships are merely the result of the Law of Probability.  In particular, I believe this because within each timing relationship there are significantly similar, even identical, non-mathematical factors in addition to the mathematics.

I would also speculate that there are more precise timing relationships than just those that I have noticed to date.

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Please consider the following..!
If these precise timing relationships, together with their associated ''similar factors'', have, in fact, been deliberately brought about by God then surely they should be seen as being as persuasive as any ''Great Miracle'' or any ''Miracle of the Sun''.  They are immediate and accessible to any person who will check the calculations and reflect on the ''similar factors''.  They are visible to our intellects, if not our senses.

If all direct interventions by God are Miracles and if these precise timings are contrived by God, then could they be described as -

            ''The Miracle of the Precise Timings''..?

These ''precise timing relationships'' and their associated ''similar factors'' are exclusively to do with Christ's Mystical Body through Our Lady and the Roman Catholic Church.  They tend to prove the truth of these things.